My 15-year-old, indoor cat has been losing weight over a 6-month period and the vet is offering suggestions - but so far nothing is working. Here is his history: - he used to have 3 fixed meals when his brother was alive. Felt very stressed - but ate. Had to separate the two (the other was food fixated). - when his brother died about a year and 1/2 ago - let cat graze. At first OK. - now, he eats 1/2 of his food during the day and other 1/2 at night. When cat sitter comes in when we are on vacation - all is OK.
- When we are home - cat will eat very little at night
(regardless of whether we have him in the bedroom or keep the door shut (with him outside). - Have tried putting another food bowl at night upstairs; also extra brushing (can't do treats because of food allergies). Suggestions?


I would suggest you to take your cat to a vet and do full his health scanning. Loosing weight can be because of a lot of deseases: liver, kidneys, parasites, heart, etc. No one can make a diagnosis through the computer monitor.


If a cat is noticeably losing weight and you don't already know why: Vet. Now.

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