cat ear w/hair loss&scabsHi my cat is about 4 years old now and something that we just recently came to notice is that he has a bit of scabs and peeling/hair loss on one of his ears. Were not sure what it could be but we're really worried. This is the first time I believe this has happened. Could it be something like mites? Mange? He doesnt really scratch at it. It is also not red or inflamed it is just flaking off. If anyone could help me I would be really thankful.


With that question you better to go to a vet. He will take skin scraping, and check it in laboratory. The treatment will depend on what your cat has, whether it's mange, mites, tinea, food allergy. And don't worry, all these problems are solved easily with correct medicines.

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  • Thank you for your input!! I hope my cat is okay~ I'll take him to the vet soon. – Johanna Gutierrez Jul 27 '16 at 6:29

We see a few cats come in like this, could be a number of things like parasites (parasite control always recommended for outdoor pets). If he is outdoors he could have gotten into a scrap with another animal or come in contact with a toxic substance. Could even be the beginning of allergies or ringworm (fungal infection that can be transmitted to people).

It is better to go to your veterinarian just to take a quick peak at his ears (inside and out) and get proper treatment if needed. Skin problems can never be diagnosed online as you need to preform tests to rule out the possibilities.

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  • Thank you~ I will make an appointment to the local vet. I hope my cat is okay. – Johanna Gutierrez Jul 27 '16 at 6:28

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