I created a protection for my filter entry with acryl and polymerisation glue Evonic Acrifix 1R 0192 in form of a cube. Can I use it in my aquarium (under water) without harming fish after drying it completely with UV light and leaving it outside 1 day?

I figured that covering the edges with aquarium silicone wouldn't help, since it would only cover blunt edges and eventually toxic parts of the glue could emerge from sharp edges.

I have a 60 l freshwater aquarium with mollys and wels catfishes.

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Yes, you can safely use the glue you mention. UV activated glue does not give off toxins after it is fully cured.

The link you provide is dead, so here is a new one. I have no connections to the company and this link is only posted for information about the product.

Another type of glue you can use is cyanoacrylate; you can read more about it on Wikipedia. On the middle of the page you can read about its use in aquariums.

After cyanoacrylate is fully cured, it is safe for your fish; cyanoacrylate is the same as superglue.

Personally, I prefer to use aquarium silicone if the tank is made of glass, as this handles movements of the glass better, resulting in lower possibility of the glass breaking during use.

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