This seems to be really weird to me. My cat Mister Demeanor has been really playful, he always eats and every time i eat he wants some of what i have. But ever since i left to go to D.C. for three days. And came back i found out he was acting a little strange. He hides in dark places, he is not eating ( he chooses to sit by his food bowl w.o eating or drinking ) and everytime his brother tiger wants to play he just walks away. Mister Demeanor is probably like 2-3 months old. I just really want to help him. He's either sick or depressed. It's hurting me😭😭

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    Please take him to a vet immediately. Those symptoms could indicate a serious illness. – mhwombat Jun 4 '16 at 19:35

Take him to the vet. Those symptoms -- hiding in dark places, losing interest in food, playing and love -- are very common in sick cats.

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