I am starting to get setup for snake breeding (balls) and I am lost on the process of multi enclosures. It is hard to find information about getting started with them and best practices/equipment to use because most links on google are just people selling them.

I am going to need at least 8 enclosures for the baby snakes and I was wondering if people build their own racks or if they just buy them online? If you build your own do you need a separate thermostat for each or just one thermostat hooked to all the (tape I assume) if it is a multi rack thing. Also should i get heating on all the enclosures or just the back or sides of the rack? Is there a problem with light using the racks?

  • If no one has an answer to this one I have done a lot more research and can do it this weekend – Ian May 13 '16 at 14:11

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