I saw in This question that cats cannot survive on a vegan diets alone, but what if the diet included common insects? Such as crickets, grass hoppers and flies?

The reason I ask is in relation to Zootopia, which explain carnivore diets as based on insect 'burgers'. relevant question here. As such I was wondering if this is a feasible solution in feline predators.

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Unless insects contain significant quantities of all the essential nutrients -- specifically including taurine, which is an essential amino acid for cats since they can't synthesize it -- the answer is no. Even if you could convince the cat to put up with that diet.

Cats are obligate carnivores. Don't try to make them anything else.

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    Since I doubt anyone has actually tried it, all I can do is recommend that you look up feline nutritional requirements -- which are fairly well documented, since pet food companies use that as a starting point -- and then research which insects, if any, have significant amounts thereof. But realistically, expecting a cartoon plot device to bear any resemblance to reality is both silly and missing the point.
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    ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4473169 A paper on the topic found that all but one of the insect species tested can fulfill their nutrient requirements, but still I strongly recommend sticking to foods designed for your pet, rather than messing with unknowns that could severely harm your cat if you screw up. Don't get a cat as a pet if you have moral qualms about killing animals.
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My cat rarely eats his catfood , he very much prefers to eat bugs all day long! We live on 10 acres of land and he is obsessed with chasing and eating bugs his every waking hour! I have tried to keep him inside, and discourage his bug eating, but he just pouts and meows to go back out to chase and eat his bugs, so I keep food and water out for him at all times and just let him do his thing now.He is healthy and fit so I just have to accept that he is fine.

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Looks like yes. Taurine content for insects varies widely; some are listed in this article:


Some insect-based cat foods:




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  • just because there are such foods doesn't mean they're healthy. Sadly a LOT of packaged pet foods are NOT healthy long term for your pets. And wikipedia is notoriously unreliable, articles often highly dubious and based on the ideology of the authors and editors.
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