This treatment video by a specialist claims manual removal, including washing, is suggested for "newborn" kittens. "Newborn" would seem to suggest "one day old is included" but I just wanted to double check. Is it ok to wash and comb newborn kittens as described in the video?

Also, I've never given my cat, the mother, a bath, and since the video suggests staying away from chemicals in the vicinity of newborn kittens, I have a dilemma as to how I can get rid of the fleas on her also. Suggestions are welcome.


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Do not use anything on newborn kittens or their mother while the kittens are feeding off of her!!

Are the cats indoor? then you might have a problem with the fleas..

Are they outside? Then wait until they are the appropriate age and use a anti flea treatment that you got from a pharmacist.


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