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Can I plant lucky bamboo in an aquarium with fish?

I am planting a 10 gallon fish tank project with fish. I was considering planting lucky bamboo in a jar in a biube tank. I researched that lucky bamboo in a jar needs low or moderate light for good ...

fish aquarium  
asked by Shemul Mustafah Ali Score of 4
answered by Wes Austin Score of 6

Is a McDonald's hamburger safe for my dog?

I want to make my dog's birthday special. Is it okay to give her just one McDonald's hamburger (and no more after that)?

dogs health diet  
asked by user8977 Score of 3
answered by Rebecca RVT Score of 7

Should I be concerned that my dog's right eye is reflecting green in the dark when his left eye doesn't?

Whenever I would take flash photos, or when my dog's face is shone in light, his right eye would reflect greenish light. The other eye has no reflection of light at all. I hadn't really thought about ...

dogs health vision  
asked by Anjee Score of 11
answered by CGCampbell Score of 9

How can I get my cat to not be afraid of me?

We recently got an 8 month old cat from a breeder, it had lived its live in a cage with the rest of the litter up to that point. The car journey home was about an hour and the whole time I had my hand ...

cats fear  
asked by mluisbrown Score of 17
answered by Yotus Score of 21

How can you tell if a kitten will have long or short hair?

This weekend I visited a friend who had a new kitten (about 8 weeks old). The kitten has a fuzzy coat, but most kittens seem to have a fuzzy coat from what I can tell through internet searches. We ...

cats pet-selection  
asked by Zaralynda Score of 13
answered by Oldcat Score of 13

What happens if cats drink coffee?

I was drinking my coffee the other day and I accidentally spilled some on the floor (a couple of drops). My cat licked them. I don't really think this is a big deal because it was only two drops, but ...

cats health diet eating poison  
asked by Shevliaskovic Score of 27
answered by BoBTFish Score of 24

What causes bald spot between eye and ears on a cat?

My cat is 7 months old and I've only got her for 2 weeks. She came with symmetrical bald spots on both sides of her face that ran from her ears to her eyes. What might have caused this? She rarely ...

cats health skin-condition ears-nose-throat hairloss  
asked by dresden Score of 6
answered by mhwombat Score of 6
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