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Top new questions this week:

How can we encourage our kitten to come up to us, if we're unable to get down on the floor with her?

My brother just lost his cat to cancer, he is alone, and really needs companionship of our kitten. She uses her litter box and is eating good. He gave her a room with all her stuff in it. She doesn't ...

cats socializing new-pets  
asked by MARGARET ANDERSON 14 votes
answered by Kai 23 votes

If a rabbit has a collar, at what weight should the collar break so the rabbit will not be strangled?

Caused by this question What kind of information collar fits for a rabbit? I need to know what a rabbit's neck could withstand. If the rabbit has a collar, at what weight should the collar break so ...

rabbits safety  
asked by Allerleirauh 2 votes
answered by GhastlyCode 3 votes

Can cats identifiy specific tones/frequencies?

I have a cat who lost her eyesight due to blood-pressure complications when she was about 6 years old (she is 8 now). She adapted very well to living without eyesight, to the point where it would ...

cats communication hearing  
asked by redeclipse 2 votes
answered by Elmy 1 vote

Reasons for killer fishes?

I've got a recurring problem with killer fish. In the last 3 years I repeatedly had recurring sudden spikes in fish deaths. Via pure coincidence I found out that it was no strange sickness or water ...

aquarium fish  
asked by Thomas 2 votes

Is there a way to discourage extreme fear of strangers in my two 4 year old cats?

Our 2 indoor cats (same litter) live with three people, one of the three being me. They're fully accustomed to our presence and are very affectionate, asking to be petted, sleeping with us in beds, ...

cats behavior fear  
asked by D. Tunus 2 votes
answered by trond hansen 2 votes

Gecko trouble shedding, helped to remove skin but dead ends look like toenails

My Leopard Gecko has had some trouble shedding and I’ve read all about the warm soaks and removing the skin from the toes. I’ve done all this but there are still bits on the end that look like ...

leopard-geckos shedding  
asked by Nikki 1 vote

Am I feeding ok for my 6 inch map turtle?

Her pellet foods. Her bugco superworms. I currently feed my map turtle 3 worms in the morning and 3 more in the afternoon like 3pm or 2pm and also feed her just a little bit of calcium and vitamin ...

health feeding reptiles turtles introducing-pets  
asked by Alijah Benson 1 vote
answered by Allerleirauh 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a way of getting rid of ants that's safe for my cats?

We had ants last summer. They came in through the kitchen and a wall near the kitchen. We caulked it up so they couldn't get in, and the problem was solved. This summer, we've had ants again. They ...

cats safety pest-control  
asked by yoozer8 10 votes
answered by mhwombat 7 votes

What does it mean when the skin on my cats' backs twitches?

I've noticed this behavior on two of my cats, and I don't believe it is feline hyperesthesia (neither exhibit any of the other symptoms commonly associated with the condition, and the back twitching ...

behavior cats  
asked by Beofett 13 votes
answered by In loving memory of Dyani 14 votes

How much space does a hamster need in its cage?

How much space does a hamster need in its cage? My friend's always tries to get out, and I think he might be a bit cramped.

hamsters cage  
asked by Timtech 17 votes
answered by jk. 8 votes

How do I tell the sex of a bearded dragon?

I have a bearded dragon and I want to know whether it's a boy or a girl. I don't see any parts down there, so how can I tell?

reptiles gender-differentiation bearded-dragon  
asked by Spidercat 12 votes
answered by Spidercat 16 votes

Is it normal for a dog's coat to change color?

We recently adopted a 7-yr-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix with a dark coat, and after about 2 weeks, my wife and I swear the fur is getting lighter, especially around his ears and ...

dogs health  
asked by rob 5 votes
answered by jalynn2 3 votes

Did I Traumatize My Puppy?

I have a 5 month old puppy who's pretty much attached to my hip and feels super comfortable around me. However, I have noticed recently that he seems to get agitated sometimes whenever I try to pick ...

dogs anxiety  
asked by themacbookpro 21 votes
answered by Elmy 47 votes

Does leaving wet pet food at room temperature for 12+ hours pose a risk for your cat?

Recently, my roommate's sister went on vacation and I offered to take care of her kitten for her in the 1-2 weeks she is going to be gone. The feeding instruction she told me is to leave dry food ...

cats eating  
asked by Jay 16 votes
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