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Top new questions this week:

Treat substitutions for a restricted diet cat?

So my cat Toby is 4 years old and is allergic to almost everything. I want to start clicker training him, but I have no idea what to use as a treat. He is allergic to the following: Beef Chicken Eggs ...

cats diet allergies treats clicker-training  
asked by Fox 2 votes
answered by Meg 3 votes

Bunny lays down (like a pancake) when I pat him

My Bunny was neglected and only on pellets for about 5 years (before I got him). When I pat him he often lays down (legs underneath him), is that good? Also, how do I get him happier? He is free ...

behavior health rabbits play  
asked by Mikayla 2 votes

"Scratch" on my cat's head?

Hi guys I was hoping someone could tell me what's up with my cat here's a photo of the "scratch": Is this bad? Should I go to the vet? What could it be? Is ...

cats health  
asked by Cris 2 votes
answered by Elmy 3 votes

What is this fish disease?

I had 4 platies and 5 danios but there are only 1 platy and 4 danios left. mysteriously, they die in the same manner, like sinking to the bottom of the tank and resting there. I was wondering if they ...

health aquarium fish diseases  
asked by Chuan 1 vote

Dog hit by a car

I live close to a major highway, and in my country, dogs are not allowed inside the house traditionally. But they are allowed to roam free outdoors and usually no one stops them from going out. One ...

dogs veterinarian  
asked by Gagan Surathkal 1 vote

Any help would mean the world! My kitten in severely underweight with a massive stomach

My kitten is 12 weeks old and is still only 700 grams in weight and tiny in size. She eats and drinks well, is as active as she can be with her belly, but I can feel her spine, all her bones yet her ...

cats health medicines veterinarian weight  
asked by Markus 1 vote

Do cats recognize cats from different litters but same parents?

I adopted a kitten who is now 6 months old. His cat parents just had another litter and I want to adopt another kitten to be his buddy. Will he recognize that the kitten is related to him? I’m worried ...

cats behavior multi-pet-families introducing-pets biology  
asked by Adrienne 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why won't my dog eat on her own?

My dog will go days without eating unless someone sits with her and hand feeds her dog food. At first, I thought it was because we were feeding her some table scraps every once in a while, but I have ...

dogs behavior feeding  
asked by Kevin Kunderman 20 votes
answered by Mistu4u 9 votes

How long will it take a Red Eared Slider to lay eggs once she is gravid?

My turtle (Red Eared Slider) is showing signs that it is time for her to lay eggs. She has been running around the tank for a few days and this morning she had dug herself a small hole in the upper ...

turtles eggs  
asked by Brack 5 votes
answered by Mozein 2 votes

Is my betta dying/sick or just sleeping?

The past 10 days I have been gone every 3-4 days and then I return home to feed my betta. I'm usually not gone that much, and when I came home Monday my fish looked dead. My betta fish has always ...

behavior fish betta  
asked by Andrea 5 votes
answered by Dalton 9 votes

Can I put any other fish in with a male betta?

I had a male betta fish for a long time, and was told by the people at the pet store that I could put in a pleco fish (aka an algae eater) because it would stay near the bottom. Since, he claimed, the ...

behavior fish aquarium community-aquarium betta  
asked by Ash 13 votes
answered by Don Larynx 12 votes

How long (distance) should I exercise my Husky puppy?

For a husky pup between the ages of 8 weeks to 8 months, I would like to know what a suitable distance for a jog would be before the dog will become fatigued. I understand this will vary, but just ...

dogs health exercise  
asked by AM_Hawk 8 votes
answered by Mario 6 votes

What happens if cats drink coffee?

I was drinking my coffee the other day and I accidentally spilled some on the floor (a couple of drops). My cat licked them. I don't really think this is a big deal because it was only two drops, but ...

cats health diet eating poison  
asked by Shevliaskovic 27 votes
answered by BoBTFish 24 votes

Can a bath really kill a rabbit?

There is some controversy on bathing rabbits. There are multiple claims that bathing a rabbit can cause a fatal shock at the same time there are multiple videos online of bunnies getting a bath. ...

rabbits bathing  
asked by James Jenkins 11 votes
answered by virtualxtc 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Senior dog feeling down and shaking

My dog is a female chihuahua, around over 10 years old (I found her on the street and don't know exact age). For the past 4 weeks, she progressively started to shake a little as if she was cold, but ...

dogs health diseases veterinarian senior-pet  
asked by another-dev 1 vote

Social proof for dogs?

General question: Is there such a thing as social proof for dogs? I.e. can you "induce" a dog to make something by letting it watch another dog do it? Concrete question: Can I ...

dogs behavior training psychology  
asked by cyau 1 vote
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