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Top new questions this week:

Is whisker layout in a dog a constant?

Is the layout of whiskers in a dog constant over time, or do whiskers fall out and regrow in different spots? This is a lost dog situation, and there is a foundling that looks very similar but whisker ...

dogs biology identification anatomy  
asked by Szczepan Hołyszewski 6 votes
answered by Elmy 5 votes

Ethics of allowing a munchkin cat to breed

My family has a 2 month old shorthair munchkin kitten. They want her to have 1 litter of kittens, after which they were planning to have her spayed. Since bringing her home, I have become aware that ...

cats ethics  
asked by ieatpizza 4 votes
answered by SerenaT 4 votes

Is my cat having trouble waking, seizures, or something else?

Almost exactly a month ago, my cat Dylan (female, 5 years) was sleeping on a chair when she fell out of it, scrambled about with her belly low to the floor and her pupils widely dilated, head turning ...

cats behavior health  
asked by Henry Stone 3 votes

My dog won't behave even when he knows he's wrong

This dog has been trained and everything. But huh, he knows, he really knows what's legal and illegal in my house, he ate some socks, he bites furniture, he obeys when I convince him with a treat, but ...

dogs behavior training biting chewing  
asked by Isaac750 2 votes
answered by Elmy 3 votes

How to pick up Syrian Hamster

Does anyone have any tips on how I can start handling my Syrian hamster? I have had him for a couple of weeks now and have stroked him while feeding him, but I am finding it difficult to pick him up. ...

biting hamsters animal-handling  
asked by ailish 1 vote
answered by Elmy 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is distilled or spring water better for fish tanks?

A recent answer suggested that if your home water supply was not used for filling a fish tank, that 'spring water (not purified water)' was preferred over distilled water. What advantages would one ...

health aquarium  
asked by James Jenkins 14 votes
answered by Mitch 12 votes

Is it normal for a dog's coat to change color?

We recently adopted a 7-yr-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix with a dark coat, and after about 2 weeks, my wife and I swear the fur is getting lighter, especially around his ears and ...

dogs health  
asked by rob 6 votes
answered by Gil Evans 4 votes

Why does my cat bite my face while being affectionate?

My cat is very very tame, she socialized well with kittens, as soon as she was old enough I got her and she's a happy cat or so it appears. I've tamed her very thoroughly, so I can hold her upside ...

asked by J.Todd 13 votes
answered by C3l7 16 votes

How much space does a rabbit need to live comfortably?

Currently I have no rabbits, but I'm doing some research on rabbit care, and the most important factor for my small apartment is how much space a rabbit should have. I don't want it to live in factory-...

rabbits containment  
asked by tM -- 10 votes
answered by James Jenkins 9 votes

Dad accidentally sat on my cat

My dad accidentally sat on my 2.5 kg, 2 year old Persian cat. He didn’t see or hear her because he was on the phone, and she was sleeping on an office chair. Once he sat on her, he realized that ...

cats safety injury  
asked by Reem 12 votes
answered by StephenS 32 votes

How long (distance) should I exercise my Husky puppy?

For a husky pup between the ages of 8 weeks to 8 months, I would like to know what a suitable distance for a jog would be before the dog will become fatigued. I understand this will vary, but just ...

dogs health exercise  
asked by AM_Hawk 8 votes
answered by Mario 6 votes

How can I measure the weight of my cat?

I want to measure the weight of my cat in order to see if he is healthy according to his BMI. So I want to know how can I measure the weight. What is the correct way?

cats weight  
asked by Sobia Ellahi 27 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 78 votes
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