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Top new questions this week:

How to reduce the attachment of an overly attached stray dog?

About me I am ~20 y/o student and live in college provided hostels. I share room with one person who hates stray dogs while having some at his home. I started getting familiar with dogs ~1 year ago. ...

dogs behavior training strays  
asked by sock 2 votes
answered by Allerleirauh -1 votes

Scared cat what should I do

I have adopted a cat about two years ago. He is scared of me and my family but not my other cat. He loves my other cat. He eats his food, treats, and uses the liter box. He loves to play lazer. ...

cats behavior  
asked by Maria Colucci 2 votes
answered by Flater 4 votes

Cat jumping and clawing at her door, disrupting my sleep

The issue My cat is in a room of her own, every night she jumps and claws at her door to get out. Any sound she hears (from me), she starts yelling and jumping to open the door. If I have to go to ...

cats behavior  
asked by Spikee 1 vote
answered by Mario Garcia 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I gain back my dog's trust after accidentally kicking him?

I was in my yard the other day playing with a football and my dog was nearby. I was kicking the ball against the wall when my dog was walking past, I didn't see him and accidentally kicked him in the ...

dogs behavior  
asked by iKlsR 28 votes
answered by maple_shaft 22 votes

How can I stop my cat from removing her cone?

I just got my cat back from being spayed. She's got the stitches, and she's supposed to wear the cone for a week to stop her from licking them. Problem is, we've gotten the cone on her four times ...

cats surgery  
asked by fbueckert 11 votes
answered by Zaralynda 8 votes

Diurnal, crepuscular, nocturnal, matutinal, vespertine; what do these mean and how do they impact my pet's life?

A recent answer listed all of these and said the group a pet falls in could impact how they behave: diurnal, crepuscular, nocturnal, matutinal, vespertine. What do all of these mean and how do they ...

behavior sleep biology  
asked by James Jenkins 11 votes
answered by Mozein 13 votes

How long will it take a Red Eared Slider to lay eggs once she is gravid?

My turtle (Red Eared Slider) is showing signs that it is time for her to lay eggs. She has been running around the tank for a few days and this morning she had dug herself a small hole in the upper ...

turtles eggs  
asked by Brack 5 votes
answered by Mozein 2 votes

How much space does a hamster need in its cage?

How much space does a hamster need in its cage? My friend's always tries to get out, and I think he might be a bit cramped.

hamsters cage  
asked by Timtech 18 votes
answered by snailcar 15 votes

Dog refuses to eat unless fed by hand

My dog is a 3 year old Pomeranian. He is very happy, active, and loves to be around other people. He used to eat only when people were around him so I used to accompany him during his eating times, ...

asked by Pablo 3 votes
answered by Rebecca RVT 4 votes

Why is my dog drinking his pee after he urinates inside?

Every night, as soon as I turn off the last light in the house, if I've forgotten to take the dog (a 13-year-old miniature dachshund we obtained from a reputable breeder 11 years ago) out immediately ...

dogs behavior toilet-training  
asked by JoshDM 20 votes
answered by Nobody 12 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can I get a young female cat to aim properly in the litter box?

I adopted a 4 month old kitten three weeks ago. She was bottle-raised in an animal shelter with siblings, without adult cats. My kitten and the littermates were considered properly litter trained at ...

cats toilet-training junior-pets  
asked by rumtscho 1 vote

flatmates dog still aggressive towards me even after living together for almost a year

I moved into a three-bedroom apartment a year ago. Two months later, we got a third flatmate with her dachshund. He was extremely terrified of us for the first two weeks. We gave him space and never ...

dogs aggression vocalizations biting fear  
asked by Simon Pfaller 1 vote
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