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I am hobbyist programmer for the most part, although I do write programs at work for my own use (my job used to occasionally involves working with massive piles of data and spreadsheets and comparing and/or extracting bits and pieces), so numerous short programs I have written with the help of SO have saved my sanity.

By day now, I am a Project Manager in the Telecom world and don't get to do the fun stuff anymore, but I am a BSEE & Telecommunications Engineer by trade and education, and the only formal programming training I have is in FORTRAN back in college. I'm self learned in C#, VBA, and a little VB6 mixed in, and my next goal is to try to learn Java.

I'm always looking to know more about C#, LINQ, XML, and XSD, and throw in some SQL as well.

In my personal life, aside from my precious time with my family, I enjoy golf in addition to the aforementioned programming, as well as new technology. I build computers once in a while and am running my own Home Theater PC.

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