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I want to buy a Siberian Husky, and I'm interested in knowing if they all have blue eyes or if they have different eye colors.

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Siberian Huskies may have any of several different eye colors:

  • pale blue
  • dark blue
  • amber
  • green
  • brown

In some individual dogs, one eye may be brown and the other blue (complete heterochromia), or one or both eyes may be "parti-colored," that is, half brown and half blue (partial heterochromia). All of these eye-color combinations are considered acceptable by the American Kennel Club1


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The breed standard for the Siberian Husky (english spelling of Husky Siberano) from the American Kennel Club states:

Eyes: almond shaped, moderately spaced and set a trifle obliquely. Eyes may be brown or blue in color; one of each or parti-colored are acceptable. Faults - Eyes set too obliquely; set too close together

So there are several eye colors allowed in this breed.

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In addition to what has already been mentioned, color can change in the first few weeks of growth. So by 8 weeks old the puppy might have changed color from a blue color to something darker such as a shade of brown.

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Welcome to Can you expand on this answer a bit. When you posted it I did a little quick research and it does that many/most are born with blue eyes that change as they get older, but neither my reference or @Zaralynda s mentions this. A quality reference and more detail would do much to make this an even better answer. – James Jenkins Aug 1 '14 at 10:26

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